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Simply put, assessment is the collection, review, and use of information about policies, programs, courses and experiences for the purpose of improving 快播成人 learning and processes. In practice, assessment is making decisions based on evidence, and using the information gathered to enact meaningful change. 快播成人 is committed to practicing assessment across all divisions and in all areas of the college in order to make data driven decisions and improve learning. 

Learning outcomes describe the skills and knowledge that 快播成人s will possess after their time at 快播成人; in fact, 快播成人s encounter learning outcomes at every level of their education, both inside and outside of the classroom. 

General Education Outcomes are the broadest level of Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs); 快播成人s can expect to demonstrate competency in five General Education Outcomes by the time they leave 快播成人. 

Program Level Outcomes (PLOs) are more specific, and differ by program; they are focused on the specific skills and abilities that 快播成人s will demonstrate as an English major, or a Math major, or a Culinary Arts major. 

Finally, Course Level Learning Outcomes (CLOs) are the skills and abilities that are taught at the course level; they are what faculty expect 快播成人s to take away from any given learning situation.

General Education Outcomes

General Education Outcomes

Learn about 快播成人's institutional level general education outcomes assessment.

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